Friday, February 24, 2012

Cousin Love

The past year has brought a lot of new babies to your family.  One of the our additions came last August.  Miss Nora!  Gracie always asks about her "friends" Sawyer & Nora, very cute.  When we look through pictures she can name all of her aunts and uncles but will refer to some of them as that is my friend.    Recently I got to keep Sawyer and Nora for a little bit.  They both showed off there siblings and showed each of there cousins love.  Sawyer got to hold Nolan which I have no picture of, not enough hands.  And then Sawyer, Gracie & Nora got to have some love.

Sawyer & Gracie holding Nora's hand.
Nora not care about who holds her hand.
Gracie Kissing on Nora.
I am sure once Nora can walk and play Gracie 
will have her playing any girly thing she can.

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