Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nursing Pads

With another member in our family we continue to look for ways to save.  One things I hate doing is buying things that just seem a waste.  Now I do need nursing pads but I HATE paying for them and they cost so much.  I ordered a set of reusable nursing pads from Etsy and loved them.  So, I did what any person in search for a tutorial would do, search Pinterest.  I looked at a bunch of tutorials, two of which I have pinned to my DIY board.  But I was not excited about just one of the tutorials.  So I took what I like from each and put mine together.  The ones I made turned out great.  In fact I am getting ready to make another batch and they were supper easy.  I way have to use these as a gift for a new mom I know;)

  • flannel fabric {side that will touch your skin}
  • towel fabric {used for absorbency}
  • Pul Fabric {waterproof barrier}
  • Scissors
  • 4" plate or cup - something close to that size
  • Marker

Step 1: Find your fabric.  You can recycle a towel or flannel scraps you may already have.  I bought about a quarter of a yard of the Pul fabric from JoAnn's it cost me about $2.
Step 2: Wash and dry the towel and fleece fabric.  {It really will shrink}
Step 3: Using the 4" item you found, trace the circle onto all 3 of your fabrics. 
{you can also trace your item onto poster board to make yourself a pattern} 
{I used a little bowl and a Sharpie}
-all fabrics can be found at JoAnn Fabrics
Step 4: Cut all your circles, this is the most time consuming part.
Step 5: Layer your three fabrics.  Fleece, 1 towel layer, and the Pul fabric, pin together.  Make sure you have the color side of the Pul fabric on the outside away from the towel fabric. {1 layer of towel fabric worked great for day time.  If you are making night time pads you might want to use 2 or 3 layers of towel fabric}
Step 6: I sewed around the edges of the pad first. {see above & below picture}
{i did all of them this way first, it made Step 7 much easier}
Step 7: Using the zig-zag stitch on my machine I went around the entire perimeter of the pad.  Make sure the needle runs off the edge of the circle, binding the edges.  On my first set I only did this once but I suggest doing it twice if you have the time and patience.  This will keep the fabric from fraying or unraveling.
Step 8: If needed you can trim the edges

{The pink ones are from Etsy and the blue ones I made.  I love them both}

Side Note: 
  • If you have a Serger this whole tutorial would be so much easier
  • If you are interested in using scrap fabrics from home check out Hipster Hostess Tutorial.  She uses Vinyl to make her fabrics water proof.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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