Monday, June 11, 2012

7 Months****needs pictures

None stop action with this little guy and he is no wasting anytime growing up.  As for his weight and height I will get that the next time we go to the doctors office.

Your eye remains in the same situation and we are praying it clears up so you won't need surgery.

Mom Look at Me:
  • your top 2 teeth have broke threw the gum and are pushing there way threw quickly.
  • you eat any baby food I  give you and you eat between 1 1/2 jars to 2 at lunch and dinner
  • you are mobile in all areas and have started letting go once standing.  you are not read to walk yet but you have no fear, not good for mommy.
  • you are also climbing the steps.
  • your hands and feet are always wet and clammy.
  • you just started eating mums and have gaged on the both times I have given them to you.
  • you now make lots of sound which we think are words.  It does seem like often you copy a word we say.  Dada is one we have heard and the other amen.  The amen is a little questionable but 3 people think they have heard it at separate times.  Nolan has a friend named baby that says the Lords Prayer and at the end it says "amen" and we think he repeats the sound. I have tried to tape this but he did not do it the second time.
  • you are no longer messy when you eat.  I have gotten this down to a science.
  • the paci was taken a way one day at nap time when Troy watched him shove the whole thing into his mouth, scary.
  • thank you for continuing to sleep through the night
  • you are now in all 6 month items and some 6-9 month items.
  • you have to wear a size 3.
  • bathtime has also be perfected so that both of us can enjoy it.
  • nicknames:little man, squirt, buddy, pumpkin, sweet boy
Routine - These all vary depending on life;)
  • 8am bottle
  • 10am fruit
  • 12 you have a bottle
  • 1:30 or 2 nap
  • 4pm bottle
  • 5:30 or 6 veggie
  • 8pm final bottle
all bottles are 6 oz

Short Story:
One night we had to transfer gracie to a little bed in Nolan's room.  As this was happening I look up and Nolan is on all fours starring right at me.  We lay Gracie down and he stands up and coos as if read to play.  Troy and I quickly leave the room unsure how to handle the situation and go lay in bed waiting.  He went right back to sleep.  That night Gracie woke up for the bathroom and I went back to tuck her in and same thing.  Nolan was again creeping in his bed.  It scared me to death when I looked up and he was starring at me.  He has had some teeth bothering him so I don't think he was sleeping very soundly.

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