Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009 ~ The Big Reveal

My sister-in-law Kassi is pregnant and due in mid-May.  They wanted tell my family in person what the were having.  First, you must understand my brother was a HUGE survivor fan back in the day.  In high school he made this hilarious videos(I wish I had to show you) with my brother and stuffed animals, it was so funny.  Steve set up his computer in my parents office as a confessional both.  And one by one we went in and declared what each of us thought we were having and why.  Alex, took the longest because he ended up dancing around, I also danced around and proclaimed to be the best aunt ever even though for a long while I will the the only aunt, my Dad had a hole paper showing his process, Taylor's was done in the dark, and my Mom's and Troy's were the only normal ones.  We watch all of the video's and laughed hysterically.  They then revealed by opening the lid of the cake that said...

Most of us guessed right....

Steve and Kassi

Kassi's little belly

Me and my sister-in-law Kassi

I also got to take a couple of pictures of Kassi and Steve, check it out at CandaceLynnPhotography.

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