Thursday, November 3, 2011

Daddy, Dancing & that Dress

One of the things that Gracie is most enthralled with right now is ballerina's.  Every girl whether in a wedding dress or a princess dress is a ballerina in her eyes.  Even with a crown you are a ballerina.  Gracie has fallen in love with this absolutely hideous dress from my friends dress up box.  She loves that it is sparkly and that it twirls.  With this love of the dress she has learned what it is to borrow something or make a trade.  She let her friend Adi borrow her necklace in exchange for this beautiful dress that she would live in all day if I would let her.  Her daddy also taught her how to ask "may I have this dance".  So that is what she wants to do most nights is twirl and dance with us.

holding her dress out

checking herself out
in the fireplace glass

daddy no longer wanting to
dance so on to the next thing

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