Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My parents made there way into town when I called and said my water broke.  They were here for 4 days, left for 2, then my dad came to be with me Wednesday and my mom came back on Thursday & stayed till Monday. It has been such a blessing having them here to help in so many ways emotionally and physically around the house and since technically I am not allowed to drive until Thursday they have also been my chauffeur.  My house is so clean, all the laundry done and I have one very happy little girl that loved all the extra attention and love.  Here are some of the fun shots we got from the time we had with them.

My mom with Gracie & Nolan
Grandpa & Grandma with the newest grandbaby
Grandpa & Gracie acting like monkeys
 I took a leap and decided to take my parents to 
the Holiday Tree Festival.  
Something fun to do before they left.  This 
is the Ohio State Tree we got a picture for 
Gracie's Uncle Alex.
 Tribute to Kansas
The Wizard of Oz Tree
 A very Soccer Tree for Miss Katherine
 The 4 of us with Santa
 The Grandparents with Santa
 Gracie loving Santa
 Grandpa & Gracie Practicing there dance moves
 lots of love
 little ballerina's for the Little Mermaid production
Did some dancing for Gracie and she loved it.  These
girls were little champs performing at our request.
Gracie loving the ballerina's
 And her pictures with the ballerina's they are Ariel's Sisters
Gracie & Grandpa practicing there moves after watching the ballerinas

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pdisandro said...

Yay, I'm so glad you guys got to go! The Wizard of Oz tree was ours!