Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

To the sunshine in our lives,
You have made our world so much better.  We have learned so much about ourselves individually and as parents.  You have been such a blessing and a delight.

Your Birthday could not have been more perfect.  We asked you on several occasions over the last month what do you want to do for your birthday?  What do you want on your cake?  Pink was the color every time.  You wanted your cake to have a pony and a ballerina on it, aka princess.  So we did just that.
the very pink birthday cake I made

Gracie's very big present
Gracie has been asking me for a bike for months & every
time I have asked about the color she says pink, so pink it is
and with the baby carrier in back which is what I think she
will play with more then actually ride it for a while
she had to get her bunnies settled in before we could even start
very excited little girl
our little family before we turn to 4
she now understands how to tear open gifts
all smiles as we sing
ready for the candles
with a little help from daddy
going for the cake cone
then the sugar cone
sawyer enjoying the birthday celebration
Gracie crowning her auntie Kristen as a princess
Sawyer willingly accepting a dance with Gracie
It may not have lasted long but it was very cute
 Troy let Gracie & Sawyer ride the horse

These are my favorite little series of pictures!
 Gracie riding on daddy's back
Troy giving Sawyer big eyes
 Sawyer showing uncle Troy what he thinks of his eyes
 the stare down
Gracie trying to save Sawyer

Our Guests
Uncle Cliff & Jess
Uncle Kyle & Auntie Kristen 
miss nora

And my parents that some how I do not have a picture of,
not sure how that happened.

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Kristen said...

It was a great birthday for Miss Gracie! So glad she got a bike, when she was at my house everytime we saw a bike she would try to get on and ride. She's going to love it!