Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nolan Alan Schenk

Our Story of Nolan Alan Schenk coming into our world...

Nolan Alan Schenk
7lbs 7oz 19 1/4" long
Born 11/10/11 at 12:15 am
Hospital measurement not accurate, at his 1 week he was 21" long.  
They checked twice and said the hospitals really don't worry about 
this being accurate at all and there is not way 
he got that much longer in a week;)

Wednesday started without a thought in my head that this may finally be the day.  Although I had been having contractions they were no different then the day before so I thought nothing of the ones I had.  Gracie and I had lunch together and then headed home for naps.  Naps are a must at this point in pregnancy but today I decided to try and finish a sewing project so I could get all my sewing stuff put away for awhile.  4pm rolled around and Gracie was up and around.  Something strange had happened I kept wetting my pants, so I thought, now at this point in pregnancy it is not normal for me to pee my pants but this pregnancy had been different so I thought maybe...  I went to the bathroom to see if maybe my water had broke like I have heard stories of but nothing.  Then it happened 3 more times and I thought well I will just call the doctor.  Once I talked to the nurse she touched based with the doctor and they wanted me to head for the hospital but not to rush.  I texted Troy and started doing a quick pick up around the house...just incase.  I went over the hospital list to make sure everything was by the door.  I then called Troy told him he needed to take me to the doctor.  At this point I knew he was at practice but was not sure where or at what point in practice.  My poor husband had to run up the practice field hill and all the way back to the sports complex where his car was parked.  At this point I called him again because at that point I had"peed my pants" a couple more times and was getting worried.  I called my mom to get her bags ready and I waited.  At this point I was having a couple hard contractions but not close enough together that I thought the hospital would keep me. Honestly I was all ready for them to send me back home.
By 5:30 I was checked in, in a hospital gown and answering questions.  As I sat there explaining that I was not 100% sure this was my water leaking a huge gush happened and my water did in fact break, ok now I was a believer.  From that point on the contractions started.  Nothing like the ones with Gracie this is what they called back labor.  I heard of it but never had the slightest clue what it meant or how bad it could hurt.  I was moved to my room and was ready for the epidural.  They had to try 3 times to get it in right.  I got the shakes so bad I could not sit still which made it a little hard for the anesthesiologist.  But finally it was in and a lot of the pain went down except for the baby pushing on my pelvic bone.  Each time a had a contraction we gently pushed his head away.  Thankfully after that point I did not feel much.  At 11pm the delivery nurse was concerned that the baby was turned face up and not face down so she shifted me on my side.  Then she shifted me completely on my left side and then the pain started like mad in my back.  Very quickly the pressure was there and we called my nurse Angie, who was awesome, that I thought I was ready.  She was given the go ahead for me to start pushing at midnight so I did a warm up push and then another and was told to hold on the baby is here, I could tell, but no one was doing anything.  I asked what was wrong and I looked at Troy and asked what is wrong with the baby.  Nothing his head was right their but we had to wait for the doctor to come in the room.  At which I responded who cares about the doctor.  All I could think is I am sure these nurses have done this a million times I am good, no worries lets just get this done.  Angie told me not to do anything crazy.
Two contractions later the doctor was ready to go and two more pushes at 12:15 out came a healthy baby boy.  There were some exchange of words from my doctor to Troy and I heard Troy say "its ok just cut it."  At the time I had no idea but later found out the cord was wrapped around the baby's head twice.  Troy said the doctor had to cut the cord it two different places.  I also had a fever at this point and so did the baby so I was administered antibiotics for the next 24 hours.
If you wondered when we decided on the name well as soon Doctor Jaggadish handed the baby to the nurse they asked what the baby's name was and I said Nolan without event thinking twice.  Troy loved this name as well and was excited to hear my answer.  For us it was perfect, Nolan Alan Schenk.


Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats on your son joining your family!!

The Burgess family said...

Yay!!! I love his name :) All 3 of my kids had the cord around the neck thing, luckily same as Nolan it was just a matter of a bit of extra time and nothing too major. Was he still face up when he came out? I commend you for that! ;)

Big congrats to you all! He's beautiful!

Emily said...

what a beautiful story Candace! I just love hearing it, and the fact that Nolan is a healthy and safely with you! I hope your transition is going well, and you are getting some rest. Let the hormones work their way out of your system it's tough the first week especially. Much love to you guys!!!