Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crafts for the Little Man

Since I have gotten pregnant I have felt like my creative side just went dormant.  My thoughts on a boys room, nothing.  Thoughts on names, nothing.  Am I going to make him outfits, nothing.  NOTHING is the key word.  Nothing was being produced in my head, maybe it is because it is a boy.  I thought it was time to wake up my creative side!  I started with a couple of blankets, updated some plan burp clothes, added some cute fabric to some onesies, and followed a few tutorials from my pin interest board.  I even made Troy a Malone blanket for his away games.  Needless to say I got a bunch of stuff put together and figured out what I am hoping for in the babies room.  Just trying to get everything put together and ready.  Here are a couple pictures of the few things that I have made for my little man who remains nameless:)

This whole pile is for our upcoming arrival.
I have made a lot of capes this year but this one was not made for 
a kid but for my boss for Halloween.  I made 2 little hats for the
baby, a couple more blankets and a very cute ruffle butt onesie.
This is funny because my mom would have love to see Gracie in
one of these and I said no way.  Now, I think I would let a little
girl wear them because they are so darn cute but before I
was just against them.

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