Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Chapter

I want to share this because I am in love.  I have taken on a new area in photography and I am hooked with new babies and the whole birth process.  As you read this you may cringe and I never watch either of my babies be born but it has been so cool.

My first birth was with my friend Izzy.  Absolutely the most beautiful birth, she made it look so easy and painless.  And I have permission to show off these beautiful pics and theres nothing graphic so no worries.

 My first birth was super emotional
 this is baby Joy
One of my besties Molly had baby #3 she and I really hope I would make it for the birth.  This meant I would have to make the 6 hour drive from Chicago to Cincinnati in time.  you can assume that this would put my nerves on end.  Izzy's baby was born on the Saturday Molly was due and then early Monday morning I headed to Cincinnati.  Molly was already 2 days past her due date and for baby #3 I knew it would have to be soon Joy waited till Wednesday arrive.  It was supposed to be a home water birth and things went different and I ran to the hospital and made it 2 minutes before pushing started and baby Joy was there.

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