Monday, October 13, 2014

Highs & Lows

Sadly my little man has 4 cavities.  He is my brush my teeth kid whenever he has the chance.  I was shocked when I found out he had cavities.  Non the less he did and they had to be taken care of.  I was not looking forward to him screaming and I was sure he would punch the nurses.  The last time we got his blood drawn the nurse was terrible and had stuck him multiple times, he was traumatized.

 happy waiting
 they oooed and awwwed him
 this pediatric doctor and her nurses were amazing
 cool glasses and she used fun names for all the instruments to make them 
sound super fun like the cotton was a pillow...all positive words and looks.  
I am sure I look ridiculous because I never stopped smiling just
 so nolan thought it was fun

 he did awesome..they did two and they have two more to do next time
i am so glad they split it up

 and right after we went to pick up gracie from practice
nolan was super happy, no trauma
keeping warm

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