Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hall of Fame Parade

Each year we try to avoid the Hall of Fame.  It makes traffic crazy and the town a mess.  Although we have taking part in the all the different festivities at least once the parade we have never done.  This year with Gracie and Emmitt Smith I decided it was a must to go.  Although the parade starts at 8am there are people that will stay up all night to save there seats.  You think I am joking but I am very serious.  I know of at least 2 people that went at 3am and the place is already like a party.  A friend of mine has connection I guess you can say.  We walked out of our house at 8:30 followed them to the parade parked and sat to watch the parade right up front.  And it was crazy.  People were sitting on the roofs of some of the buildings.  The place we were the guy owned the business there and ropes it all off.  The Kids had front row seats.  If we attend the parade again this is the only way I will go.  It was so easy!

Troy & Gracie waiting for the parade
The Antique Football Player
Frog Prince
people would chant "spin, spin, spin" and the people pulling the
balloons would run in circles so the ballons would spin around,
this caused the crowd to go crazy.
Floyd & Marc Little
no, I do not know anything about them

too cool
the Family
love Grover
of course Oscar
The one and only EMMITT SMITH

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