Monday, August 30, 2010

Unwanted Affection

While at Pearl's first Birthday, Gracie made an unwanted friend. He asked very kindly if Gracie could play and I had no objections. Once in the play room he became very affectionate, touching her face, giving unwanted hugs, and even trying for a kiss. I he was any older I might have been creped out by it but I thought it harmless. Although he was a cutie she was not very happy and I tried to help Gracie fend him off but he was pretty persistent on trying to bring her toys she might like and so forth. I had no idea who was his mom so I was trying to watch my facial expressions as I kindly asked him to stop with a little giggle, hoping not to offend anyone. No mother ever came forth so we headed to the food table where I knew Gracie would be much happier.

Although Gracie is more then wiling to say hi to any stranger, she does not like it when people are trying to hard, I know she maybe young but she some how she always knows when someone is trying extra hard.

I did get two pictures of the unwanted affection before I realized it was time to step in
I am grateful to know if Gracie does not like something she will come find me

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Anonymous said...

yes it was time to step in and rescue your little girl from this
little fellow, he was way out of
the "right" to do these things and next time see if you can find the mom and direct her politely in being closer to her child. he acted very naughty. May God bless you for doing the right Mommy thing.