Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Great Friendship

When most people look back they have sweet memories of the good old high school days.  Most of my memories come from my youth group.  It worked just like any high school did.  There were the bad kids, the good kids and the inbetween kids but over all they had good hearts and we had lots of fun. What can I say, we were teenagers.

I came out of that youth group with some great friendships.  Although we do not keep in touch as much by phone, facebook is how we keep ourselves updated on each others lives. 

All this to say, a couple of weeks ago Gracie & I traveled to Cincy.  On the drive down I started thinking about the time I was going to spend with my good friend Molly and her daughter Pearl.  As my reminiscing continued, I relized Molly and I had been friends since that first ride on the Vortez at Kings Island when we were 14.  Honestly, we were connected to the hip spending most of our weekends together, even getting in trouble by each other's parents.  We have been threw all different situations happy & sad but at the end we loved each other.  We were really like sisters, I assume this is true since we can fight and still be friends, not all friendships can handle that.  Now, we are married and both have daughters who are a year and half apart, the same as Molly and I.  We always said our kids would play together and now they are.  It is so strange to see some of our conversations become real and to be able to be apart of this chapter in each others lives.  Sitting in each other homes, is just so weird but so cool.  I think the only thing we have not done is be pregnant at the same time, if this happens, oh my, look out.  We have some serious plans for that time.

Anyway, here are some great photos!
the Vortex at KI
myself & molly riding the vortex
our first picture
working on a prank
for some reason we loved pulling pranks
Gracie, Candace, Molly, Pearl
Gracie & Pearl Playing
what craziness will these girls get into
what cuties
yum, yum
pearl & gracie already messing with someone
it starts so early
many of the sweet kisses to be given
enjoying the birthday party fingure foods

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