Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our March so Far

So I am getting some complaints regarding the blog or the lack of a blog.  Sorry I can get everything lined-up and then I forget to come.  I will start with our extended weekend and then go back to the end of February/March happenings.  This had been a busy month for us and for Troy an even sadder month.  So before I update you on Spring Break I will make a quick snippet regarding Troy's March.  Long story short a student was found by an RA and Troy in his room and he had died.  He looked peaceful and looked to have died in his sleep.  Family, students, and the team was consoled as best as they could be.  Last week Troy started off his Spring Break getting on a plane for Florida to speak at the students funeral.

Thankfully when he came back we were more then ready to head out on what we consider a mini vacation.  We headed about 2 hours north into Wisconsin to see some friends.  We got to visit the children's museum.  Pick out paint colors, one of my favorite things to do.

lots of playing

craft area

 of course Nolan loved the plane

lots of painting 

 taking food to the village

dress-up in every corner

pj and a movie
always a favorite

I didn't get pictures of everything but one thing I missed that was pretty cool was the rooftop area with lots of live bugs, snacks, rats, and even chickens.  We had a blast!

to be continued I had too many pictures for one post...

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