Monday, April 26, 2010

From a Crib to a Nap Sack

Although I do not always recognize that my baby girl is growing up there are always situations or people who always seem to point it out for you.  Example while shopping at Target I relized I seem to head to the same section, I then relized that none of the clothes I was looking at would even fit her.  I had to move up to the over 12 month section...I have a toddler, no way.  Two weeks ago I was informed Gracie was ready to start transitioning into the next class.  I had not even noticed that half her friends had been missing and had already made the moved on to the other class.   This new class also means her naps will be taken on a cot instead of in a crib and each child has his or her own nap sack.  Gracie's teacher raddled off a couple of places to obtain a nap sack; the daycare can order one for me, target or even some mom's have made them.  I was hooked.  A new craft to try to conquer and it was for Gracie, even better.  Just a great reason to buy fabric.

I found a great tutorial on line from the Moda Bake Shop, although I did not follow it very much at all it did give me the basic tools I needed to get the job done.  The tutorial's sack ends up being close to the size of a twin and the cots are much smaller.  I also was not up for making a quilt, I wanted something much easier, so I just did 2 fabrics, it far less complicated that way.  I did make a couple of short cuts to make it easier, but it seems the first time making anything always takes much longer so it did not seem all that short but if I had to make it again it would go much smoother. 

Enjoy the pictures!
Nap Sack inside & out
I was going for something girly & funny

an aerial view

All rolled up and looking pretty


Emily said...

Very,very Cute!!! I love it! I bet Gracie does too!!

Jennifer said...

Impressive! That is very cute.

The Burgess family said...

That is cute! You could sell those!

And I know what you mean about kids growing up. I recently noticed (and mourned) that I don't go into the baby section at ALL anymore--- Pearl's potty trained and so we don't need any "supplies", and she doesn't need new clothes because she has Winter's old ones. And Winter and Jesse need to shop in the kid section now! :0