Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Madness

March was a big month for our family. On the 13th we welcomed some guests, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Kyle & Kristen and there son Sawyer, my mother-in-law, and Kristen's mom. We enjoyed there company for about a week and off the mom’s went back home. Kyle, Kristen and Sawyer are our welcomed house guests for a little while, as they look for a house. It has been nice having roommates, although they are anxious to find there own place it has been fun soaking up the time with them and getting much needed time with baby Sawyer. Plus it has been fun watching Gracie with a little one and trying to teach her the meaning of gentle.

On the 20th we celebrate my B-I-G 30. Kudos to Troy for all the hard work he did and the tricks he pulled. On Saturday Morning I got up and spent the morning with Kristen getting pedicures and then a message. My friend Christina then picked me up and we headed to lunch and then a 3D movie of Alice in Wonderland. From there I headed home for a short amount of time and then Troy wanted to do dinner before the guest arrived for cake. By this time I was tired, ready to nap and not at all hungry but he had plans and was on a mission. I was not about to spoil all his hard work. Now although Troy has never been good at surprises, he is not very sneaky, which is good, he was up to something. On the way to dinner he texted someone, I assumed to let them know we were leaving so I probed him which is not very nice but I could not help myself. Who was coming, I knew there was no way it was any of my friends they all lived to far and from earlier events in the week, I knew there was no way, so who was left maybe my parents, ok that was all I had to guess and that I did. I guessed my parents and Troy told me I ruined the surprise. We arrive back home where we celebrated with cake, with our family and friends. I had a great time mingling with everyone. Then the door bell, I was in the dinning room and I turned around and Troy was video taping me like I was 12 or something, I kept waving him to the side thinking he is so weird. As, I came around the corner to greet what I thought would be my parents to my very surprise stood my 2 besties from college, Julie and Lily. I was so excited and surprised I cried. We try to see each other once a year but it does not always happen with distance and families but we try. I was so excited! They had made the long haul from Illinois to Ohio that afternoon. I spent the rest of the evening chatting away with the guests and talking with the girls it was so nice. Troy did a fabulous job.

Troy had really pulled out all the stops and had done a fabulous job surprising me. Then last Friday, we were getting ready for bible study, Gracie was being cranky and I was tired from the week and was asking Troy, oh so nicely if he just wanted to stay home. Put Gracie down early and we could watch a movie and go to bed, nope we are not missing bible study, Gracie will be fine once we get there. So, we headed to bible study, the location had been changed and we were lost, great, last ones there how embarrassing. We pulled up and walked into the barn and everyone yelled surprise. I was so confused at first, I thought it was a joke like they had been hiding from us but again Troy and our Flock pulled another surprise which I had no idea was coming. Normally, I notice all the whispers and that something weird is a muck but nothing I was oblivious to EVERYTHING. What an outstanding Birthday, Troy did such a great job.

Birthday dinner at TGIF with the Schenk's
My beautiful by Troy

The cute Birthday sign made by Kristen
Gracie & Mama
Gracie showing off her cool shades
Stevie & Me
My college roomie Julie
Gracie loving her self
The kids playing a lovely game of magnets

Me and my sweet girl on my 29th
Me and my favorite girl on my 30th


fblife said...

yeah! Way to go Troy!

Emily said...

ditto that, Troy did awesome! Happy 30th Candace! I am not far behind! ;)