Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Ways to Save

I promised a friend that I would post this a week or so ago and have not had the time, sorry.

I recently went to a forum by two ladies who are coupon crazy, or should I say amazing. They have these giant books filled with coupons that they take to the store when they go shopping. When I say filled I mean over 1,200 coupons. These ladies are sister-in-laws and have been doing this for a while but wanted to share there wealth of knowledge to others. In short, they very rarely pay for paper products, i.e. Toilet paper, paper towel, napkins or laundry detergent. They buy diapers for under $5 a box, which many of you know is amazing. They have a great website that teaches you the lingo and they actually go to the store for the sales and then they tell you what works. Now these ladies are local to the Canton area but they do a lot of there shopping at Target as well. Here are some examples of what has been done:

1) A coupon for ANY size Herbal Essence shampoo and get an Erbel Escencse styling product for free. So, she bought a travel size shampoo and got the styling product for free.

2) I actually did this one, 4 Tombstone Pizza’s for $10. When you go threw self check out, you scan the first 2 and a catalina coupon comes out. Scan that and the rest of the pizza, you can then also use a manufactures coupon.

3) Another I did, Dannon yogurt was on sale 20 for $7. Which makes them $.35 each, which is really good. I then used 3 coupons that were for $.75 off 6 yogurts. Which makes my yogurt $4.75, which is $.23 a piece. I have never paid that ever for yogurt. That was my first amazing coupon moment, I was hooked and so is my husband.

I am far from being an expert at this but I am getting the hang of it. Really you just have to get your mind around the way it works and go from there. It has fun to go shopping and see how much I am saving. Below I have listed some great sites that I look threw regularly. I do suggest doing a search for your area for local women that do this. It is truly what these women can do!

Quick side note, you may want to set up a junt email address for all this stuff coming.


Kristen said...

Oh wonderful, I've actually been thinking about starting this couponing thing. You can teach me everything you know :)

Jennifer said...

Another great resource is She's in Oklahoma, I believe so it's a bit more local to here, but she posts deals on every store imaginable. This month, she's doing a 31 day budget deal where she talks about a different aspect of how to trim your grocery budget. It's a lot of time and effort, but when you go to the store and save $20, it feels great!

Nicole said...

I wish I could use this up here in the Great White North - but alas the coupons are different :)

Nicole said...
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anissa brett and asher said...

i'm SO glad you figured something out...isn't it amazing and SO addicting!! I too barely ever pay for cleaning products or paper products and get my diapers about 75% off. Thanks for sharing what you are doing!! i'll eventually post my thing too! check out freebies4mom and southersavers they both are really good and not just about the south!! Keep it up!!

Mother of Pearl said...

thanks Candace!! YAY! so excited!

Schenk Family said...

I have one more to add that I forgot that is awesome!!

I put it on the front page. I hope this helps all of you!