Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweating to the Oldies

Most morning I get up and get myself ready for work while Troy wakes up with Gracie and gets her ready for daycare. He tries very hard to pick outfits that I would approve of.  Now for daycare it really does not matter so much to me.  I assume she will be a mess once she gets outside or touches paint so what's the big deal.  There a re a few times when I have had to tell the teachers I am sorry Gracie looks like a blueberry today or what ever strange thing she has on.

On this particular day I had to grab my camera.  I took one look at Gracie and thought she stepped out of an 80's workout video.  You decided, 80's video or is she a dancing manic?

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anissa brett and asher said...

Candace that is HALARIOUS.. and SO true! It is exacally what it looks like. I even thought she had one of those stretch bands in her hands when I first looked at it! Too cute!