Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things We Love About Grace

Troy and I were trying to put together some of the favorites things about Gracie that we want to remember later, here are some of the ones we came up with(I have been working on this one for some time):

My sweetest Gracie, you love too:

1) play in the refrigerator, you take everything out and then put it back, your going to be an organizer
2) at daycare you love to play in the Kitchen with your sweet little friend Lauren
3) play with Max at daycare, he is the only boy in your class and every morning he comes up to greet you it is adorable
4) play chase and when we catch you laugh so hard.  If we don't catch you, you will stop and look back to make sure one of us are still coming
5) our Group hugs
6) take showers now more then bathes
7) pretend to talk on the cell phone
8) sit in my lap
9) opening and shutting everything
10) being tickled by mommy or thrown in the air by daddy
11) you love to cuddle
12) climbing the stairs before bed time
13) brushing your teeth
14) you love to play in front of the mirror ~ you read books, talk to the little girl across from you, give her kisses, twirl and say bye bye, truley adorable
15) you love to knock on the bathroom door in the morning to come in and see me

We love:
1) that you brighten our day
2) no matter what time it is I love to pick you up and rock you
3) that you will cuddle with us
4) when you are not feeling well and I grab the Tylenol you are a trooper and take it right away, you know it will make you feel better
5) when either of us walk thru that door you are there to greet us with the biggest smile and such excitement to play
6) the way you give us hugs by laying your head on our shoulders
7) the faces you sometimes make when we ask you questions
8) that you dance to any song I sing
9) when you pucker up to give us kisses

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