Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Over the River & Thru the Woods to Greenville We Will Go

Part ~1

We headed for yet another weekend of traveling.  This time we went west to Greenville, Il to see Troy's brother Jake and wife Audra.  There dog Missy had puppies about a week before.  There were so little and cute.  Gracie loved them.  We saw them a couple times a day just so Gracie could see them.

It was such a great weekend of relaxing and hanging out.  We enjoyed it very much.

I was surprised that she took to them so easily
so excited
trying to give kisses
hmm, hamming it up
MJ(R)~I know you want one for the new house

once they were off of her she 
tried to get them back on
Audra made her a little apron & she loved it
ready for more time with the puppies
Audra, Missy & Jake
They are both holding 2 puppies, there are 
still six more sitting in front of Missy
Aunt Audi & Gracie

there she is again
I think she would have taken one home if she could

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