Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Greenville

A couple more great pictures from our time in Greenville, including our fun visit to the Walkers.  Thanks so much for having us it was a great time and a very encouraging conversation.

I seriously love this little girl
playing with aunt audi's camera

so serious
so funny
my cutie bear

Gracie & Levi & Eli
I think she liked the star wars swords the best
eating an icecream cone & not missing a drop
Me & Audra during a late night of talking
Gracie decided to try on daddy's shoes
next thing I knew she was on the floor rubbing
her belly, do you think she saw this some where?

1 comment:

fblife said...

cute picture of the 3! I forgot about how cutie Gracie was eating that cone :) Hope we get to connect again soon! Loved having you guys.