Friday, June 25, 2010

Swim Lessons Anyone?

Just a quick over view of a mothers fear.

When I was little my brother Steven and I were playing around a pool, when he feel in and a neighbor hopped the fence to rescue him.  It affected me but I never felt like it was something that stood out in my mind until now.  Between the situation with Steven and with stories of parents miss happs with pools, I have just been freaking my selfout.  With vacation approching and my overwhelming fear I decided I wanted to put Gracie in swim lessons and felt the best place to start was the YMCA, where I too took lessons....a long time ago.   It might sound ridiculous to you but I knew it would be good for her and a way to help settle my fears. 

For her first swim lesson, I thought it would be best to send Troy in with her.  I was not sure how she would do and thought I would let him handle it first.  Plus it ment I could get in a couple of pictures.  She started off sitting by the pool and once in the water began to cry.  She loved our little pool at home so I was a little surprised to see her crying and clutching on to her daddy's arm so very tightly.  I was hoping Gracie would not be the only kid crying and thank goodness she was not.  One dad and his daughter cried the whole time.  By the end of the lesson, Gracie was loving it and then of course cried when she had to get out.  We will just have to see how class #2 goes.

Yes there is a pacifier in her mouth.  We hoped it would allow
her to stop crying and to notice the kids who were having fun.
so sad
i loved the whole "daddy i love you so
much please don't make me do this routine"
oh daddy that was funny
wait dad this is fun
I now love to kick & splash in the pool
what a cutie
Gracie obviously loving pool life
What a great time!

These swim classes will be worth every cent.

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Emily said...

love this post! I totally get your fears, I didn't even have an experience like that growing up, but it petrifies me too!
Anyway, Candace you take such lovely pics! I am so glad you are going after that! Gracie is such a cutie!