Friday, June 18, 2010

A Trip to Cincinnati

First a Lengthy Story:
Our weekend to Cincinnati was full of some of the strangest moments but was so much fun. I will gladly start at the beginning so you can fully understand all the happenings from start to finish.
It started Friday night when we hit highway 30 to Cincinnati. We drove thru Wendy’s for a quick bit as to waste no time. We ate a quick dinner while driving and headed into our bedtime routine. As I began to read Gracie her stories she started in with a little cough that went right into throwing up. And what did I do as her mom? I of course tried to catch it, yes in my hands. I have no idea what I was thinking, save her lap, the car, I am not sure but there I sat with chunks of food, that was very recognizable, in my hands. As I am saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh” Troy looks back and thinks the same. Pull over I say, so he goes to do so and I then announce what a bad spot due to the traffic so he heads towards the exit. As Gracie keeps throwing up I finally say never mind anywhere is good. Troy pulls over and comes over to Gracie’s side of the car. Poor guy he was holding back as much as he can at the sight of all the “nastiness” all over the place. There we were on the side of the highway Troy holding Gracie out in front of him and I cleaning off her car seat as fast as I can, with wet wipes I might add, a quick change for Gracie and back into the car we went. As we got back in laughing at how fast we were, what a team.
Right off the bat we knew she had gotten car sick. I never feed Gracie meals like that in the car and the fact that her car seat by state laws is in a weird leaning position, and the bouncing around I should have known better I guess. It just had never crossed my mind. I use to get car sick all the time.
Gracie did throw up one more time. I assume her stomach just wanted to be empty. I was told by a pretty reliable source that if it was the flu she would not be able to hold anything down including water. So we did just that we pulled over at a restaurant and sat outside and let Gracie sip some water while she ran around. Nothing happened, she was great. We were at the halfway point so we want to make sure before we went in either direction.

Saturday we had breakfast with my Grandma and my Great Aunt Jayne. Then Troy, my brothers Alex & Taylor, Gracie and I headed for the quickest trip I have ever taken thru IKEA, 1 hour. Yes that is all. I to was amazed. What was I thinking going with all boys. I pretty much ran through the store. Saturday night I spent with my two girl friends Nicole & Molly. We warned the guys were going to be out late. It turns out our late is 10:30.

Monday, the girls went and honored an old friend. And then Troy and I headed home. Let the games begin. We are about an 2 hours from home. The screen on the car indicates we have about 30 miles left before we are out of gas. We stopped to eat and forgot to get gas. As we are again traveling in Highway 30 Troy says “um Candace we forgot to get gas.” Yeap we were out of gas! That’s right, we are coasting down the highway in neutral will a 19 month old child in the car. As I proceed to turn everything off and sway front to back hopping just maybe we can coast to the exit up in front of us. The car rolls to a stop at the top of the exit. And it is one of those that is windy and seems to be a mile long. Of course Troy gets out to push and I am not allowed to help because it is a highway or because I am a girl I am not sure which but he pushed us all the way down the ramp. I volunteered to head out for gas. A woman and child on the side of the road leads to way too many people stopping to ask to help. I jogged down for gas filled her up and the rest is history. I was so glad to be home. Just the two trips on Highway 30 were enough for me for a month’s worth.

Some Great Pictures:
We are all aware of Gracie's love for shoes
Even Nana's

Gracie's pool an Nana's

I love her little bathingsuit

becoming aquatinted with the dolphin

so excited!

helping Nana turn off the hose

Gracie & Nana
It seems when out with friends we talk so much we forget to
take pictures.  This is a reoccurring theme for some reason.
This picture was taken in front of the headlights of the car, nice!

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Jaime said...

Abigail gets very car sick . . .often! I have started giving her dramamine on long trips but I have often been caught in your situation so I always have a puke bucket. I don't always catch the first "wave" but it usually helps minimize the mess! Ugh!