Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Official

We are constantly working with Gracie on her words, trying to get her to repeat what we say.  Interesting enough she repeats when it matters least and when we really want her to mimic she does not.  But while in Greenville she was attach at the hip to Audra.  When Audra would disappear downstairs to check on the dogs she would just stand waiting for her and point at the door.  I told her she would have to say "Audi come back, Audi" to both of our surprise Gracie said "Audi".  It is official  the first name for Gracie to say was Audi.  Of course the boys did not believe and Jake was upset that his name was not first.  Gracie gave out kisses to Audi so easly but would not to Jake.  Needless to say he was feeling a little rejected.  He worked on her to say Jake the rest of the weekend and would not believe the word Audi was to have come out of Gracie's mouth before his own.  Monday morning while Jake was at work, Troy, Audi and I were at the house, again Gracie said "Audi".  Troy was a believer! 

When Jake got home we sent him to the basement to see if she would call for him.  She did not say Jake but she did try and the most she got out was "Ja".  We were satisfied, close enough.  He then bribed her love by offering to take her down to see the puppies.  This is the true way to Gracie's heart, offer up puppies.

Uncle Jake, Gracie & Aunt Audi

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