Monday, September 5, 2011

Game 1

The season has officially started.  Gracie and I packed up the bag and headed out.  I was so excited about the game I realized I was there almost 45 minutes before the game started.  I was not alone there were ladies already set up in the stands.  This is the only true night game of the season and I could not miss it.  The only thing missing was the cool air of fall and gloves.  Instead we were greeted with very warm weather and lots of bugs.  Minus the bugs it was a good time, the kids did great playing together and obeying as much as possible.  Gracie even got into the cheering during the touchdowns which I loved to see.

The game was great to watch and we're not too sure how the season will completely play out with such a young team, and the transition into Division II.  This should be an interesting season, one that will keep me on the edge of my seat throughout.  Since I anticipated this game going to at least 10:00pm we headed home after halftime to put Gracie to bed.   Half-time is the only part that Gracie will actually sit through and watch.  The team did well in a double overtime win with a final score of 40-34.  What a great way to kickoff the season and keep the teams spirits high.

I got a couple pictures of Gracie all dressed up and ready.
Gracie ready for the game with her bunny in tack
very excited about the game
heading down to the field Gracie did not want the sun in her eyes;)
The true star of the night was our mascot the Pioneer Moose.  I had to explain why this was a moose and not a horse to miss Grace.  The kids watched the moose go up and down the stands in hopes he would make an appearance to their area, no disappointment here.  What a champ to play and entertain the kids on such a hot night in what I am sure was a sweat box.  The moose sat down and allowed all the kids to get there pictures taken.  It made their night.

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