Thursday, May 17, 2012

6 Month Celebration!

Yes, Nolan is 6 Months and in the next couple of post I will be reflecting mainly on your thoughts on your fast changing little man!  I can't believe it, I am in shock.  I am so excited to watch him grow, change, and his personality evolve.  He is the happiest little boy, if he is fussing it is because he is hungry or tired.  The only way he could be any happier is if you could run.

Nolan's 6 Month Stats:
Height: 27" (63%)
Weight: 17lbs 4oz (43%)
Head Circumference: 17 1/4"

My Dear Sweet Nolan,
You are a blessing and such a happy boy.  You are not one to cuddle but when you do, daddy and mommy alway point it out to the other and suck up the few minutes you give us.  You are always smiling and giggling.  You have picked up that serious look from your daddy that I find you giving to strangers at the funniest times.  If you are ever fussy or feeling left out you let us know.  Gracie is always running to your rescue with that high pitch voice that you love so much.  Gracie loves any morning that she is allowed to come and wake you up.  You pop up immediately with a smile to look around for your Gracie girl.  Sometimes mommy lets her climb into your bed with you.  The bond between the two of you melts my heart and how much you love each other is just precious.  Even at 6 months you are already learning how to press Gracie's buttons.  I do believe my boy has a little bit of a temper which is shown most often when he is hungry or getting a shot.  He is not sad he is mad!  You seem to always get us with your grasp of those little pinchers and you are always gnawing on my shoulder or anything you can get into your mouth.  You love jumping on my lap.  If you get tired of playing on the flour you now come to me and cry for me to play with you or pick you up.  You love more then anything being talked to, played with, and loved on.  You seem to understand when I say kiss.  All around you are just a blessing.  I love watching you and how you follow me around the room.  I love seeing how excited you get when daddy or I come home, you just light up!

Some days your eye looks like it has cleared up and then it gets all gooey again.  Dr. Weber did say that most likely you will have to have surgery to probe your eye.  She said it several times and then went thru what the surgery would be like.  I am praying it clears up before your 9 month.

Mom Look at Me:
  • you now have your 2 bottom teeth with you got within a day of each other.
  • you are now loving your fruits and veggies.  You have eaten carrots, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce.
  • you roll, you crawl, and you sit up.  You also frog hop across the floor.  You get up on your toes and hands and try to crawl in that manor.  
  • you will literally eat anything you can put in your mouth.  Gracie use to pick things up and make a noise and show me.
  • you make lots of sounds with your mouth.
  • you are the messiest eater!
  • paci is something I hand you as a distraction when you go down for a nap.  You sometimes chew on it but mostly you throw it out of your bed.
  • you sleep thru the night and we could not be more grateful it is now consistent.
  • you can sit up on your own but I try to aways put a pillow behind you because often while chewing on a toy you just go backwards.
  • nicknames:little man, squirt, buddy, pumpkin, sweet boy
  • No matter how I lay you in bed you end up on your tummy and your butt in the air.  So cute!
  • you are now in almost all 6 month items.  There are some 3-6 month items that you still fit into but not for long.
  • You wear some size 2 diapers but at night you have to wear a size 3.
  • You love bath time.  You  try to dog paddle.  I hold on to you with everything I have but you love it!
  • If someone else is feeding you and Gracie and I start talking you will stop and try to find us in the world.. daddy says he can talk the whole time and you never stop to find him
Routine - These all vary depending on life;)
  • 8am bottle
  • 10am fruit
  • 12 you have a bottle
  • 1:30 or 2 nap
  • 4pm bottle
  • 5:30 or 6 veggie
  • 8pm final bottle
all bottles are 6 oz

Short Story:
The 3 of us headed for Nolan's 6 month appointment.  Gracie had asked several times if Nolan was going to get a shot and then told me he was going to be sad.  When the time came for his shots, two nurses walked into the room and Gracie greeted them with "high ladies".  Then asked if they were going to "shoot her brother"? But, over all, happy.  Then came the shots and Nolan gets so mad, yes he crys but he is really angry!  I watched Gracie's face when they gave the shots, I thought she would get really upset but she had no reaction.  I grabbed Nolan and comforted him.  Then I heard one of the nurses say, "she is so mad at us".  I turned and looked at Gracie who was starring the nurses down with a disgusted look on her face.  She put her hands on her hips and she said, "you shot my brother"!

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