Saturday, May 12, 2012

Funny Things She Says

One of the best things right now are the things that come out of Gracie's mouth.  She is either coping something she has heard or things she has put together from other conversations.  We have quickly realized that certain conversations cannot be had around her or need to be done in code.

The other night Troy was home sick.  While sitting at the table eating soup Gracie said, "daddy go to work so you don't get your butt on fire".  This comes from me saying I need to get to work so I don't get my butt fired.

While driving in the car Gracie asked me if she could watch a movie on my phone and I said sure in just a minute.  I of course completely forgot and as I pulled into the drive way Gracie says, "you got to be kidding me".

As my dad leans into hug Gracie at bedtime she grabs his are and say, "you were wrong about the world" to which we all looked at each other with what the heck expressions and she goes on to say, "and you were wrong about me and will never use me for my hair again". ~tangled

Gracie was recently sick with the flu and she stayed home with her dad.  Nolan went to my friend Christina's for the whole day.  When I brought Nolan home, he and Gracie were in love.  She talked and talked and he listen and smile ear to ear.  Adorable!

Gracie comes down from bed and says, "I have a beaver on my head" and of course we said, what! again she says, "I have a beaver on my head" while holding her hand to her head.  We then understood what she wanted to say was I have a fever on my head;)

On the way to church one morning Troy is driving and going around a bend which happens to make you shift in your set.  Miss Gracie says, " Daddy stop driving like a crazy person there are freaking kids in the car".  Yes, this came out of someones mouth at some point.

As most parents know sometimes conversation are happening that are a little more serious, not once of fighting but just serious.  One day we pulled into the drive way and Troy and I were finishing up a conversation and I was giving my thoughts on something and Gracie says, "Mommy stop sassing daddy, talk nice".

Gracie is also very aware about who her family is, she knows that Sawyer is her cousin but also tells anyone and everyone he is my favorite friend, she is very protective of Sawyer when other kids are around.  She has listed off people saying Kristen is my family, Kyle is my family, and so on, so she has the idea.  But sometimes she does like to adopt people into our family like her new found friend Ella, she has tried on numerous occasion to tell me she is her cousin.  In which I try to explain, she understands she just really wants her to be her cousin.

I will continually add to this as little stories come up.  I just don't want to forget them.

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