Thursday, October 17, 2013

Around Here

We tend to keep ourselves pretty busy with daily play and trying new things, which is everything.  So here are some of our happenings.

everyone got their hair cut
Gracie wanted hers really short but I was not sure if my cutting skills could 
cut anything much shorter.  She always looks so much older with her hair short.
Nolan playing at the library

tractor at one of the local farmers markets
we have made it a summer thing to find the best one
I wrote this lady on facebook about her amazing cookies
it turned out I went to school with the owner at TIU
the cookies turned out awesome and they were yummy

I knew we would not make it home without the plea for a taste 
from the peanut gallery but as you can tell they enjoyed them.
Happy Birthday to Mr Troy

Due to the weather going from gorgeous to cold every other day I had to get out winter clothes and try on a few things to see what fit.  Nolan loved the Cheif's jacket and his camo pants, of course.  Add in the John Deere t-shirt he was already wearing and you have yourself a true Kansas boy.  
Daddy was proud!

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