Tuesday, October 15, 2013


As crazy as it may sound but it is so, I just went to my 10 year reunion for College.  WOW.  Like my friend mention its been a century, Yikes!

Who would have thought 10 years ago I would marry the man I meet at Trinity only to return to where it all started with a family, pretty neat.  On the morning of the 10-year Gracie and I did the 3k portion.  Due to the grass portion of the walk/run the bike had to me eliminated the day of the event.  Gracie was a trooper and as we started she took off jogging.  I was trying to get her to pace herself but she kept telling me we were in a race.  So we went full speed and she wait to all the encouraging fans on the sides.  We were the tail of the runners and ahead of all the walkers.  We even got in a cheer from daddy and the football team which was great motivation to get super she and then to try and run even faster.  She did a great job but at the end she was wanting to stop and check out the flowers and talk to everyone around us.  I did not want to be last either so I kept encouraging her to finish.  She was excited to be done and even more excited for the refreshments after.  She chose for herself a huge cinnamon roll.

Nolan was more then happy to go along for the ride.  He was quiet most the ride except for the occasional shout from him, "run".

we were giving only on bib why would all of us need one?
Gracie was serious about having on like all the other runners

proud of this little lady

Strange to see our girls together.

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