Saturday, February 22, 2014

January in iPhone images

Here are just a few pictures of our January that I thought I would share.

 We came home after the new year to a LOT of snow.  
 my morning super hero's/a little pirate
 my poor guy got pretty sick and fell a sleep in variety of positions...
 and places.  poor thing!

 nolan loves testing out the motorized vehicles at Target
true to the blood running threw him and the fact he is all boy
he thought he must try this thing on.  Not sure he even knows 
what it's for unless he pays better attention then I give him credit for.
 my adorable little nolan
troy laughs because he say nolan has me wrapped around his finger.
 Family weekends are a prized possession in our football world so every weekend 
Troy has been home means we should do something fun.  We had a gift card so 
we headed to Woodfield.  As we walked in it hit me that this was the 
first Red Robin I had ever visited in my university days over 10 years ago. 
 Then we headed over to lego land.  Lego's to me is part of a favorite pass time.  
I love them before and still do just now they are not as hard to put together.  
We thought the kids would love it and so they did.  Pretty cool place.

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