Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1st Dance Class

If you know or have followed this blog at all you know that my Gracie girl loves dancing.  I asked a few friends and then made some calls.  When the calls were been made Gracie was so excited.  I told her I was just calling around to get information nothing more.  I didn't want her over excited when I had no idea when she could even take a class.  We were invited to join in on a class so Gracie could figure out what kind of dancing she wants to do.  Of course ballet, she loves the costumes, the shoes, and she has seen it the most.  I wondered if it would be too slow but we got her all dressed up.

I asked her to stand up so I could get a picture...
this is how she posed
she was ready to go
of course a little nolan in the picture
I know this is way too bright but I still love this picture and he adores his sissy

Nolan wanted to show off his outfit as well
Once we got there the teach let the kids in but no parents.  We were sad not to get to watch but the teacher said she did really good.  When we got in the car Gracie told us about all she did.  She also asked if she could try Jazz.  Jazz does not start until 1st grade and she is not interested in tap.  She said she wanted to try something faster.  We will go back a few more times this spring and see how she does!

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