Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Random February

February & March has been crazy.  Busy Busy but loving it.

This is Elke.
We get to watch her every week and the kids love her.
Even ofter a few months they can't wait for
her to arrive and they don't stop 
talking and watching over her.

Gracie's V-Day box
nolan loving the baby swing
nolan was pretending to sleep under an umbrella and princess paper

a 12 hour bug ran through our house.
nolan taking car of his sis
gracie and nolan building guns
super tuff

gracie's video camera
I made 20-frozen meals in one day.  Trying to help 
my none care for making dinner every night.

Troy was gone for about 10 days and I let Gracie 
one night sleep in my room and this is how 
I found her, notice the picture on the other pillow
our MOP's craft

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