Monday, March 30, 2015

Awana~Derby Race

Now that Gracie is a Spark she is able to design her own derby car for race day.  If you are familiar with the movie Wreck It Ralph, this car is designed after Vanellope Von Schweetz's race car.  Gracie made it all by herself and the OCD mom stayed away from the design.  You might think that the Awana world of racing would be laid back but nope it's crazy.  They weigh each of the cars to make sure they fit the guidelines...crazy.
Gracie's car made it into the last round but I think she came in 4th, she got a ribbon which has been lost.

 Gracie was #19
we had here keep the number choice in the family

 hard to see with a cell pic and in the downstairs of 
our church but Gracie's name up on the board

so fast that they are a blur

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