Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January = 14 Months

This past month was not good as far as pictures go.  I did not take as many as I usually do but I did manage to get a couple of cute ones, that I loved.  This would have made her 14 months.  Crazy, time just flies by.
This little chair use to be mine.  I brought it down from the attic
for Gracie and she loves it.  She carries it all over the house. 
It just needs a piece put back on which Troy will do some day
when it warms up and a cute paint job.  I have not decided
what colors yet but I am sure it will be ones
that are already in her room.
Uncle Steve sent Gracie another Apple shirt,
which I love!  Thanks Uncle Steve
Cutie running around church during game night.
My little wild thing in the morning, lovin the hair!
This is my favorite, Gracie with pigtails carring her little
piglet around the house.  I loved.  I think she is
ready for some farm time with Grandpa Schenk!
I love her hair in piggies.
Gracie before School.

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Emily said...

SO CUTE!! I love the piggies! I remember when I finally got Ella's hair in piggies and how much fun it was! :) Enjoy, this is the begining of lots of hair do's. ;)