Wednesday, August 24, 2011

28 Weeks

My little man is very busy kicking and punching me all day. He is defiantly more active then Gracie ever was and he is also sitting much lower then Gracie ever did at least until the very end. I am often wearing my belly band just to help with the pressure. I am using lots of lotion because I am a little afraid this one may give me stretch marks and I really don't want those.
Today I had to chug down the glucose orange drink.  I have never thought it was that bad but I know the faster it goes down the sooner the time can start.  Doctor said all is well and we listened to the baby's heart beat, which I always love.  I am now at the point where I will be visiting the doctor every 2 weeks, wahoo I am getting closer. 

Cravings: nothing at this point and no aversions either
Sleep Cycle: always on my side with a pillow under my belly and my bathroom trips remain in the 2's and 3's area.  Except I have woken up the last couple of nights on my stomach not sure why or how this is possible but it keeps happening.
Movement: all day especially when I am pressing my stomach against my desk.  He does not like his space invaded.  In the evening you can watch my stomach jump and move all over the place.
Names: Troy has 1 and I have none.  There is a board at work with a list of names and people are voting on them.  I knocked off a couple for sure no's and there is actually 1 we added to our list.  Not sure Troy loves it but we need another contender.  For some reason boys names are so hard for me.
Excited For: the first football game
What to Expect: Per Baby Center my baby is the size of a Chinese Cabbage about 2 1/4 lbs
What I miss: not having pain in my back all the time, this pregnancy has been much hard on my body & mind this time around
A surprise: belly button might go but it is still holding strong....only time will tell
Funny Moment:  Went to the doctor at 26 weeks because of my back and during my appointment the doctor said that I needed to keep my bladder empty and stay hydrated:)
New/Best Moment:  Last Friday I went to the doctors for the second time in a month but to enjoy watching my little man in 3D.  Although this is not my first time seeing him in 3D, this time was better.  

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The Burgess family said...

My 2nd pregnancy was my most uncomfortable/painful pregnancy. Funny how that works! But as you know, it is so worth it!

Good luck with the names. We're in the same boat except for a girl!