Friday, August 26, 2011

The Name Game

As most of you have heard we are having a little bit of a problem with coming up with a name for my little man.  I have a 101 names for a girl that I love but boys are hard for me.  It is just not right for a boys name to sound pretty so maybe that is why I have a problem.  I just keep praying God will give us one soon so Gracie can practice.  With a couple names we have liked, we have run into initial problems and names that are also stores;).  So I have been open to any and all suggestions.  Names have been coming from mostly work, and then some family.  This past weekend I went through a bunch of names with my parents not telling them ones I like more then others.  A few that I liked they thought were a little funny.  Not sure I want my babies name to be funny.  I think this is why we don't tell.  We like the surprise when the baby comes out and the non-opinions if people don't like the name.  Once the baby has a name it is too late for people to say they don't like it, at least to us.  We are still plugging away at names and combination of names.  Strange to know come November when this baby arrives the name will be the least of our thoughts.

Names that have come on & off the white board at work due to it being a joke or I just plain don't like them:

Funny Names:
  • Shaw Schenk: funny suggestion
  • Hank the Tank Schenk: funny suggestion
  • Sylvester: not sure if this was suppose to be funny but no thank you
Worthy Suggestions but just not interested:
  • Evan
  • Caleb
  • Carson: my parent's dog name
  • Keiffer
  • Sterling: just can't we lived there
  • Ames
  • Trennen
  • Jansen
  • Samuel(sam): grandparent's dog name
  • Elijah: we both love but too many of our friend's used this name
  • Levi: I love again too many
  • Jacob: I love but as Troy pointed out that is his brother's name:)
  • Ethan Alan Schenk: Troy loves but was unaware of the furniture store:)
The problem is not Troy it is me.  The first time around I had a good list of boys names but we had a girl and over these 3 years either the name has become very popular or someone has used it.  My definition of a "good" name is one that is not popular but at the same time when it is heard people don't think what the I do like a name with a good meaning.  So although Troy has a couple of names I think he would use, I have not found a name that I just love.  We still have time to think.....


fblife said...

Isaac, Isaiah, Hezakiah, Noah, what about Ethan Troy Schenk? One thing I did was I thought about different phrases I wanted the name to have like "by God's design, or in God's timing" and then I looked up those phrases. Good Luck! :)

The Schenk Family said...

Beth meaning is a big deal to us. But I have had a hard time looking up names but meaning. maybe I am looking on the wrong websites.

The Burgess family said... is the BEST site I have found for finding meanings (also popularities are listed). We have the SAME definition of what makes a good name! Send me your girls list, please? We are in the same boat having a million boys names we love but agreeing on girl names is hard for us (

We were going to use William had ours been a boy. I also love Carter. and Elias or Elliot are good alternatives to the too-popular Elijah. I think you could get away with Ethan Alan if you really wanted to. What about Max?

The Burgess family said...

and yes, you can look up names by meaning on "behind the name." It's a little tricky but just put some keywords in or when you find a name you like, click on the "related names" links. Also is a fun site where you can enter names you like and it's supposed to give you similar suggestions (sometimes they're good, sometimes not).

Joel is another fav of ours. Cormac and Truett are more off-beat ones I've heard lately that I thought were intriguing.

The Burgess family said...


The Schenk Family said...

thanks I can send you a couple that I like.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that you and Kit have the same problem, yet opposite. I love giving suggesstions, :-) yet know that my ideas are probably old fashioned.
Here are some of the ones I have liked over the years.
Have fun, it will be just right when you find it.
Judy B.

fblife said...

I just used Google, and Gateway Bible, but Levi was on my mind for awhile and so it only took me a few months. It also helped Ordell said I could just pick it :)

Jennifer said...

we couldn't agree on a name for Isaac until he was a day old! We had no trouble at all with the other 2-we had 2 names picked for Anna & only one for Jacob. It'll come to you :) or else you'll have an extended recovery at the hospital! ;)