Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Comparing My Babies

Over the years we have gotten mixed opinions on who my little miss Gracie looks like.  Of course each of our mom's see each of us in her but from outside the family we have a mix of comments.  Gracie's doctor thinks she is dead on Troy, this is because as you can image the serious face Troy has when he has seen Dr Weber and Gracie is pretty serious as well.  A lot of people thinks she looks like me or gives looks like I do.  Honestly she is a great mix and I can show you tones of pictures around the same age where we look nothing a like but we were looking at old photo's the other night were we had a couple where it was so close.  The one thing Gracie had that neither of us had were those big cheeks.  Yes we both had cheeks but not of that size.  Each time she was about to hit a growth spurt they would get bigger and bigger until she went up in size and then they would go down.

Now we knew from the 3D ultra sound that our little Nolan would have cheeks because that was the first thing the tech said "look at those cheeks".  I just wondered how much thy would look a like.  When Nolan was born besides having some cheeks I did not think he looked like Gracie.  He had a much smaller head and face.  We just thought he looked different.  Most that came to visit thought Nolan and Gracie look so much a like, most comments were he looks like a Schenk.

Over the last the weeks he has changed and it is hard to say they no longer look a like...

Both taken in the Hospital
8lbs 1oz
7lbs 7 oz

Both taken around 3 weeks

I would say that with all the eating Nolan and those cheeks have 
caught up to Gracie's.  I would have to say they look very much a like; )

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