Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nolan 1 Month

This first month has been very busy.  My parents were here, Troy's whole family was in town for Thanksgiving and then Troy's mom stayed for the week after.  I then made my first long distance travel to Cincinnati to stay with my parents while Troy did a lot of recruiting.  My recovery time for baby #2 was much better then last time.  First I did not tear as bad and my emotions seemed to be almost back on track by 2 1/2 weeks, much sooner then with Gracie.  I am thankful to feel like I am able to control my emotions.  However my body does seem to be a little off balance still.  During the first month I fell down both sets of our steps in our house, both times I landed on my right leg.  I even took a trip to the triage the day before thanksgiving due to the size of my foot but it was fine just very bruised.  They offered crutches but with a 3 year old and new baby I thought that just wont work.

As for Nolan he is eating like a champ.  I have gotten him to about 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day but after 8pm it is every 2 hours, he likes to cluster feed.  He is usually out at 10:30 or at the latest 1am and then he is out for the night.  He sleeps anywhere from 5 to 7 hours he then will wake up to eat and then goes back down.  He seems to sleep in the best on the mornings I need to get up with Gracie;)

What have we seen him do:
Roll over, smile, spits up a lot, more gas then a child that size should have, he loves to hold our finger and if you hold his hands together it will help relax him, he loves being swaddled for bed, sleeps the best in his car seat
At Nolan's 1 Month Check Up:
Height: - 22 1/4 - 80%
Weight: 10 1/2lbs - 70% - proof of how much this little guy is eating
Head: 14"- 60% -
Info:  His umbilical hernia is still being watch but is looking much better

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