Monday, July 23, 2012

{Food Edition} {Summer Spectacular}
Recently, my hubby and daughter were out of town.  This left me with lots of free time to get things done, have some down time, and much need girl time.  A little last minute, I decided to invite a few ladies over from church, just a girls night to sit around and chat.  I got onto evite and they had a cute pinterest invite all put together so I went for it.  I love all the yummies I have pinned but most of them are not good for you and I like making those items for events.  That way I still get to try them but they don't sit in my house and get picked at.  

foods included were: 
snickerdoodle muffins - did not taste like snicker doodles at all
peanut butter pretzel bites - my favorite!!!
no bake chewy cookies & cream bars - NONE of us loved these which is sad since we ALL love Oreos
really good cookies that darby made but I could not find the pin on her board
 the "P" garland I made and hung in about 5 minutes
we all got mani's thanks to Darby
strutting the 4th of July theme colors
we meant to do a picture of all our hands but we talk too much;)

This will not be my last Pinterest Party.  Have you been on Pinterest?  Have you seen the boards?  We can have lots of themed Pinterest Parties.  Working on a project, re-doing your kitchen, planning an event, or just obesssed with i.e. crafts, then you need Pinterst.  It is where you can save all your favorites in one place.  If you are not on Pinterest check it out.

You can check out My Pinterest board by clicking here.  Warning you will love it!

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fblife said...

cute idea!!!