Saturday, July 21, 2012

HOT Summer {Summer Spectacular}

Yeah my family is back and it is about 100 degrees.  So what to do with two kids and I do not want to be stuck inside all day?  Baylor Beach recently got added to my summer spectacular list.  It is about 15 minutes from our house and they have a beach perfect for kids and an area where you can grill and eat. There is paddle boats, a play ground area, and some great water slides.  We had lots of fun!

I only took a few pictures and there are none of me because I dropped my camera in the water, more like dunked it in right after the final picture.  It kind of works but the flash is dead.  Ok here we go.
nolan snacking
he is just the cutest thing
my gracie girl (you know that is a song)
sweet love

when we first put nolan in the water he acted as though
he was in one of those lazy rivers at the water park

after lunch nolan was ready to play
both of our kids love the water
nolan however needs to be held tight
he just wants to splash and kick
and try and eat his swim chair
i love my family

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