Friday, May 23, 2014

Out for a Hike

Well our weather like I think most has been weird, maybe its just chicago but we have gone from jeans to shorts and them back to hats and coats.  Although the weather is weird we have been very excited about all of our weekends that we have our daddy to ourselves on the weekend.  On this day Troy decided a hike was in order.

 the kids listening for sounds

 gracie explaining something to Nolan
i am sure he is not listening at all

 they all like daddy had to have hiking sticks

 gracie checking out all the swans and cranes
Nolan's "huge" stick

This trip was my first introduction to ticks.  Yikes!  Found one behind Nolan's ear and I freaked out, really freaked out.  So so gross and scary.  There is a guy from TIU that was bit by one and now is in a wheel chair.  Ticks are no joke and I have been scarred for life.

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