Sunday, May 18, 2014


I think I promised to be better at the blogging and I have failed to keep my promise.  I will not recommit to it because I am sure I will continue to fail at it being up to date all the time but I can only try.  So I am going to try and validate the lack of interest in my blog, other blogs, and Facebook.  Not because I don't love doing it or reading them I just don't have them time to always check or read.  I may skim at pictures but thats it.  SO I don't think I have posted since before Easter yikes right.  I think I missed the whole month of April, yikes.  Between MOP's, playdates, family visits, 6 spring showers, and friends moving it has been busy.  I have done A LOT of crafts and most of them I do not have pictures of therefore no proof they exist but I will start with the crafts because they do take a lot of my time.  

Below is a post I started in April and finished today, wahoo for updates right!

I have been working on a lot of back craft projects that I have been meaning to work on.  You can see all my projects below
As I was going through the fabric Nolan found the football fabric I bought for him a while back.  So I made him a blanket.  The back of it is yellow and green.  It turned out pretty cute and Nolan loves it.

a little back pack for nolan.  gracie has a few bags and 
I wanted him to have one he could put his special toys in 

 this project was for gracie but really for me
my friend has something similar hanging in her kids bathroom
i loved it so i made one for gracie.  she has accumulated lots of bows
some will have to remain in the basket but the favorites will go one here
it was supper simple no sewing just glue, 10 minutes 
from start to finish and that included my kids 
my nephews aided and logan live in cali and we don't 
get to see them often very sad.  so I sent them a little something
capes and they loved them. also updated Gracie and Nolan's because
of course they wanted theres to be as awesome
 he had to test it out
yes another quilt.  I love making them but mine are very contemporary  
this one was for my BIL and his wife Jess.  I hope they love it as much as I do. 

This has been on my list for a while and this has been
a verse that is one I cherish to get me through the long
winter months and i am inside a lot. 
it turned out pretty good.  i like it 
 Remember the sprinkles i mentioned.  all my MOP's girls in the past year have either just had babies or is pregnant so I have been busy making gifts, lots of them.  nursing aprons x2, blankets x2, 4 onesies with 3 snap on bow ties x4, i have no idea how many burp clothes but it has been a lot of machine time.  they all turned out really cute.  I also made all my MOP's girls from my table 
make-up bags for the last MOP's meeting of the year.  Plus I have helped with the sprinkles so its been busy.....there's my validation  lol!
this was for my friend in Canada who had her first and last and since I was not able to make it to her shower I wanted it to be something special.  I am not even sure if she is a quilt kinda girl but I made it anyway.

If there were any other crafts I don't remember them half of these I took pictures of at the sprinkles because I forgot too and I love keeping pictures of my work especially the quilts.

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