Thursday, May 29, 2014


This will be one big FAT MOP's post.

This was the first year I did MOPs and I hesitated ALOT.  Even the first time sitting at my table I thought what am I doing turned out to be the best thing I did.  I am so glad I took all those steps and stayed.  I have the best table and have meet the best ladies.  One thing you may or may not know about me is that if you ask me pointed questions I am pretty open and will talk about most anything but I don't do this with just anyone.  You have to have a special gift which is either know how to read me and ask the right questions or be what I call a word vomit person.  A wvp is someone that anytime you are around stuff just flies out of your mouth before you can think about it, this can be good and bad depending on who that person is...This group of ladies happen to be both of these.  They are always checking on each other, reaching out, and you can tell them anything.  All of us are familiar with moving around and living in places without any help or family.  This is the thing that is key which took me a while to figure out.  We all need each other, we are each other's family.  This is new to me to have so many people that are all in the same place in life.  Now I have plenty of people from all of our past locations that I love don't take that wrong.  But all the cities I have lived in most friends have lived their whole life and they have lots of family and parents to be their at all times.  For me I have not lived near my parents in a long time.  And even I am guilty at not doing for others what these girls have done for me and I feel like I have been revamped to the girl/friend that I use to be that I want to be.  All that to say I love my ladies and sadly 2 of them are already moving, usually I am doing the moving.  I am very sad about this move.
 I made the cupcakes for our sprinkle.  
This should have said lots of precious cargo. 
We sprinkled 4 ladies at this shower.
 Gracie playing big sister to little Jonathan

this is my table ladies 
Adrianne(just had her baby on Sunday), Kate(has a 5 month old), 
Courtney our table mom(she has 5 kids), Kelly(due in August), me, 
Izzy(due in October), Lauren(due in June), not shown Lauren W(has a 4 month old)
a bunch of the mom's went to see Mom's Night Out
I had no expectations since it was christian based I also assumed it would be boring sorry but I did. 
It was hilarious I laugh the whole time and end cried it was actually very good and would see it again.  GO see it with another mom! 
 My friend Lauren has 2 kids Elenor and Griffin.  Are kids love playing with each other.  Lauren is just the definition of southern charm.  Sadly she is moving in a quick 3 weeks and we are all so very sad.  The morning before this last MOP's I decided to tell Gracie about them moving to give her a little heads-up.  She started balling and once we got to MOPs they were inseparable and now only refer to each other as sister, they no longer use each others names.  They will so be missed!
 Look theres Ana and Elsa oh wait...

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