Sunday, June 1, 2014

Just around

These are just a little look into our little life...come see our fun.

 all boy ready for errands with his boots and plaid shirt
 Gracie and i drove through a very bad hail storm
it was terrible and Gracie was terrified
 my son decided to color his face with permanent marker, nice
 nolan trying out the John Deere named Troy, check out the side of the tractor
 who are you....get out of my car
we met up with friends about 2 hours away and the weather 
was nasty so we played ant the mall and then a play land so the moms could talk
 this is what happens when he does not listen..powdered sugar everywhere....he loved the taste
i don't think he learned a lesson from this one
 our spring football scrimmage started off early with 4 coaches and 2 wives 
shopping for all the football players and there families to feed after the game
 it was pretty chilly so all the kids ate in my car we are even missing 2 of the girls
 Nolan recently went to the GI doctor.  The talked to him and pressed on his tummy. 
Once the doctor was done and talking with me they climbed up onto the table and Nolan
proceeded to check Gracie's stomach the exact same was they checked him including the taping part.
nolan even asked her if she had been having lots of poops.

 nolan stealing another kids motorcycle
 grumpy look always
 this is just perfect for my dad who works for Metlife
this happened.  it might be sunny but it was not warm.  Football guys were over for a lunch and one of the guys and his family were doing some fundraiser where they dare each other to do something crazy that they don't think someone will do.  If they do it then the family has to donate money, something like that anyway he was dared to jump in a body of water some where in Chicago so why not at our house.  CRAZY!

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