Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our Sweet & Sour Super Hero

You know those weird kids at Walmart or Target wearing the strangest combinations of clothes, that of course they picked out and you wonder how did the parents let their kids out of the house looking like that???  Well, I am one of those parents and Nolan is absolutely that kid.  In fact he thinks he looks awesome and is probably pretty sad you are not wearing a cape.
Let me introduce you to Nolan's favorite super hero.  
He wears a pirate around his head, a cape to make him fly, John Deere symbol because tractors are the best, and of course his fireman rain boots.  You must run fast, make shooting sounds with your mouth, and give death stares at on lookers.  He is 100% sure he is just like spider man although he has never seen a single show with him in it but checks him out at the store every time we go.  If you have a great name for this super hero getup let me know.

My Nolan is in the 75% for height and 50% for weight.  He loves all rocks, sticks, or anything that can be turned into a sword.  He loves guns, trucks that make big noises, wants to kill every bug he finds.  He will eat dirt, sand, crayons, you name it sadly he has tried no matter how much in trouble he gets he will try it...seriously I am not joking.  When at the store he is enamored with all things boy and I mean half of these things he has no idea what or who they are and has never seen them on a show but he loves them and wants them.  From Ninja Turtles, to Batman, Spiderman, and thing that looks cool he wants it.  

The best way Troy and I have found to describe our Nolan is like this...
Seriously, he is a sour patch kid from the time he wakes until he goes to bed.  

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