Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the Hoesch's

One of the fun things about being in Chicago there are friends we get to see pretty often that other wise we miss.  Our friends the Hoesch's live a few hours from us but Sarah and I have met a few times half way to let the kids play and to catch-up on life.  We love it!  This time it was warm and sunny and perfect to meet at Lake Genevia.  We went to this little petting farm.  The kids were just happy with petting the cats.  We had a great time.

 the kids were loving this cat and the cat loved them

 hilarious, nolan telling the kitty to sit still so he could pet it

of course the boy and his tractor.  his true love 

the girls found a dead fish and they were determined to "send it back to sea"
it was gross and eventually we got them away but they were really into it 
 so cute!

short story:  one the way to meet them in the am we passed a tractor hard at work on a farm.  nolan kept telling me he saw papa and we needed to stop.  not sure he realizes his papa is not the only one with a cool tractor.

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