Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pretty Girl

My sweet sassy Gracie Girl is growing up so fast.  I know as life miles stones come and go I will be reminded how fast it's going and how tight I am trying to hold on to all the moments as hard as I can. I love this time of learning and how much she pays attention to everything around her and then has questions about things that are a little too early for me to hear and her daddy is just in shock over conversations that he is having.  She asks often about how we dated, what we did on our dates, and what we talked about.  She talks about being a mom someday and at the same time talks about being a big sister.  How she can't wait to babysit and ride the bus all by herself.
Our most recent conversation about dating was hilarious as Troy told her she could not date until she was 25,  we were married at that age, and then Troy continued to explain how there are lots of guys out their like Hans(from Frozen).  They come off as very nice at the beginning but inside they are not good guys.  This made sense to her and we now use this example for her to understand people in general.  It's hard for little kids to grasp that there are people out there that will hurt us and how to be cautious so this has been a great example that she completely gets.

One day my daughter got into my tinted burt's bee Chapstick and put a little on.  She then asked if I would curl her hair.  I took a few pics for daddy to see how grown up she looked and thought I would share here as well.  This growing up thing is going to be hard on him.

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