Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mother's Day

We had a nice relaxing Mother's Day.  Gracie must have been well informed by a wonderful teach what this day meant because she was all over it.  Gracie made her bed picked up and picked up her room.  Gracie and Troy were showing me love all day with their servant hearts.  We went for breakfast my favorite meal of the day and then had naps time at home with the family.  I had started my Mother's Day Celebration early with friends hanging out Friday and then girls night at the movies Saturday so I was a little spoiled the whole weekend with playtime.  Before Gracie went to bed I hugged Gracie and told her thank you for a wonderful mother's day.  She then told me you should no have to do anything on mother's day but relax.  Oh how I am those teachers at church a big thank you!
This is how our little family pictures play out...
 1 decent picture
not complete without one picture of Nolan being silly 
 Nolan's annoyed with picture looks and Gracie worried about bee's
best of the lot 
I am so blessed to have these two kids who love me like crazy.

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