Friday, December 12, 2014

Cincinnati Thanksgiving {part 1}

We headed down to Cincinnati the Saturday before Thanksgiving to attend my cousins wedding.  My cousin Robby was supposed to get married in October but his father, my uncle Bill died the night before there wedding.  Then Robby's grandma passed and Robby has been sick with colitis.  His family has really had a hard time so we all wanted to be there to support a great day that was happy and sad.

my family
 reception fun kid free
 Nolan loved my parent s frog not sure why

pearl & gracie having girl time
 lunch with friends is a favorite
 all of our kids are pretty close in age
i love they will grow up being friends
 best part is the parents can actually sit and talk for hours with 
little distraction from the kids while the play, thank you chick-fil-a

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